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121. voluntary benefits
(voluntary benefits : Benefits that are paid for by the employee through payroll deductions. The employer pays for administration. Examples of these benefits include life insurance, dental, More…
122. voluntary contribution
(voluntary contribution : simpanan sukarela)
123. voluntary redundancy
(voluntary redundancy : Employment is terminated on the grounds of redundancy, the member of staff having expressed an interest to be considered for redundancy as a result of organisational More…
124. voluntary reserve
(voluntary reserve : An allocation of surplus not required by law. Insurers often accumulate such reserves to strengthen their financial structure.)
125. volunteer income tax assistance
(volunteer income tax assistance : (VITA) IRS program designed to help low and moderate-income taxpayers complete their annual tax returns at no cost.)
126. volunteering
(volunteering : If you're low on experience or can't find a job, try volunteering. Pick a volunteer position in an area you are interested in. If you hope to get a job working with More…
127. volunteering and community work
(volunteering and community work : Work undertaken on a voluntary basis (not paid) to gain experience and develop transferable skills. It requires commitment, motivation and energy.)
128. volunteerism
(volunteerism : How a company supports an employee who wishes to volunteer or otherwise offer unpaid services to a community organization, often by providing paid leave of sponsorship.) More…
129. voting bond
(voting bond : obligasi berhak suara)
130. voting right
(voting right (Hak Suara) : Hak pemegang saham untuk mengeluarkan suara dalam Rapat Umum Pemegan Saham (RUPS).)
131. voting stock
(voting stock : saham berhak suara)
132. vouch
(vouch : Menjawab atau menjamin ā€“ memeriksa bukti-bukti yang mendukung ketelitian suatu transaksi. Proses ini meyakinkan adanya otorisasi, pemilikan, eksistensinya dan ketelitiannya.)
133. voucher
(voucher : Dokumen pembayaran; voucher : Seluruh dokumen yang mendukung suatu transaksi. Misal bukti voucher cheque yang telah dibayar, faktur yang diterima, bukti surat permintaan barang, More…
134. voucher payable
(voucher payable : hutang voucher; voucher payable : Utang voucher)
135. voucher register
(voucher register : daftar dokumen; voucher register : Suatu buku jurnal (buku harian) yang mencatat semua voucher yang dikeluarkan dan dicatat menurut urutan nomornya.)
136. voucher system
(voucher system : sistem voucher)
137. vouching
(vouching : pemeriksaan dokumen dasar)
138. voyage
(voyage / voy. : adalah nomor pengapalan |voyage : Nomor Keberangkatan Kapal yang biasa disingkat dengan V. atau Voy.. Nomor keberangkatan harus selalu ada dibelakang nama Kapal. Contoh : YM More…
139. VRM
(VRM : See variable-rate mortgage.)
140. vulnerable persons
(vulnerable persons : persons who, because of their age, a disability or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, are : in a position of dependence on others; or otherwise at a More…