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(JNCHES : Joint Negotiating Committee for Higher Education Staff)
62. job accommodation network
(job accommodation network (JAN) : A service provided by the US Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), JAN’s mission is to facilitate the employment and More…
63. job analysis
(job analysis : analisis kerja; job analysis : Job analysis is a systematic study of a job to determine what activities and responsibilities are included, their relationships with other jobs, More…
64. job analysis schedule
(job analysis schedule : Job analysis schedules are checklists or questionnaires‍ that seek to collect information about jobs in a uniform manner. (They ‍are also called job analysis More…
65. job application
(job application : Sometimes also referred to as an Application for Employment. Many organizations require you to complete an application (either to get an interview or prior to an More…
66. job audit
(job audit : The process through which a position is evaluated to determine its proper classification.) See also: alur audit, audit, audit committee, audit documentation, audit More…
67. job banks
(job banks : Job banks exist in state employment offices. They are used to ‍match applicants with job openings.‍)
68. job board
(job board : An online location that provides an up-to-date listing of current job vacancies in various industries. Applicants are able to apply for employment through the job board itself. More…
69. job boards
(job boards : Also referred to as Job Sites. There are five levels or types of job boards : general job boards, industry-specific job boards, geographic-specific job boards, job-seeker More…
70. job class code
(job class code : The 8 digit number assigned to a specific classification. The Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) is responsible for setting up these codes. Also referred to as More…
71. job classification
(job classification : A method of evaluation used for job comparisons, which groups jobs into a prearranged number of grades, each having a class description and a specified pay range.job More…
72. job code
(job code : A job code uses numbers, letters, or both to provide a quick summary of the job and its content.‍)
73. job cost card
(job cost card : kartu kalkulasi harga pokok pesanan)
74. job cost record or sheet
(job cost record or sheet : A written or electronic record maintained in a manufacturing company's job order cost system to accumulate all of the product costs (direct materials, direct More…
75. job cost sheet
(job cost sheet : lembar biaya pesanan)
76. job cost system
(job cost system : Sistem akuntansi biaya, yaitu biaya-biaya diakumulasi berdasarkan pekerjaan-pekerjaan individual ketika material digunakan dan biaya tenaga kerja terjadi.)
77. job costing
(job costing : an order-specific costing technique, used in situations where each job is different and is performed to the customer's specification.; job costing : Job Costing - sistem More…
78. job description
(job description : uraian tugas; job description : A job description is a written statement that explains the ‍duties, working conditions, and other aspects of a specified job.‍job More…
79. job enlargement
(job enlargement : Job enlargement means adding more tasks to a job in order ‍to increase the job cycle.‍)
80. job enrichment
(job enrichment : Job enrichment means adding more responsibilities, autonomy, and control to a job.‍)