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41. variable life insurance
(variable life insurance : A form of life insurance whose face value fluctuates depending upon the value of the dollar, securities or other equity products supporting the policy at the time More…
42. variable manufacturing costs
(variable manufacturing costs : Costs that increase or decrease in direct proportion to the number of units produced.)
43. variable manufacturing overhead efficiency variance
(variable manufacturing overhead efficiency variance : The difference between the standard or budged variable manufacturing overhead and the actual variable manufacturing overhead that More…
44. variable manufacturing overhead spending variance
(variable manufacturing overhead spending variance : The difference between the standard or budged variable manufacturing overhead rate and the actual variable manufacturing overhead that More…
45. variable manufacturing overhead variance
(variable manufacturing overhead variance : The difference between the standard or budgeted variable overhead costs and the actual costs. This can be broken down into Variable Manufacturing More…
46. variable overhead
(variable overhead : overhead variabel; variable overhead : The portion of mixed or semi-variable overhead costs that changes proportionately with some measure of activity or output.) More…
47. variable rate
(variable rate : Adalah penetapan suku bunga dalam suatu fasilitas kredit atau surat berharga mengikuti rate pada pasar tertentu seperti SIBOR, LIBOR atau JIBOR, atau dikaitkan dengan More…
48. variable rate loan
(variable rate loan : Loan whose interest rate changes over its life in relation to the level of an index.)
49. variable rate loan or mortgage
(variable rate loan or mortgage : A rate of interest on a loan or mortgage that can go up or down during the term of your agreement. The interest rate usually changes as the prime lending More…
50. variable rate mortgage
(variable rate mortgage : This is just another term used for Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).)
51. variable rate tender
(variable rate tender (VRT) : A SBI auction mechanism in which the discount rate is proposed by participants. Bank Indonesia shall announce the indicative target of SBI auction. Bank More…
52. variable sampling
(variable sampling : uji petik variabel)
53. variable universal life insurance
(variable universal life insurance : A combination of the features of variable life insurance and universal life insurance under the same contract. Benefits are variable based on the value of More…
54. variable-rate mortgage
(variable-rate mortgage : A less common name for an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM).)
55. variance
(variance : selisih; variance : Deviation or difference between an estimated value and the actual value. variance : The difference between a planned, budgeted or standard cost and the actual More…
56. variance analysis
(variance analysis : analisis varian; variance analysis : Analisis varians adalah penggunaan berbagai jenis varians untuk menganalisis kinerja keseluruhan.)
57. variance analysist
(variance analysist : Analisa selisih)
58. variance analysist report
(variance analysist report : laporan analisa penyimpangan; variance analysist report : Laporan analisa penyimpangan)
59. variance swap
(variance swap : A swap agreement where one party agrees to receive implied volatility and pay realized while the counterparty agrees to receive realized volatility and pay implied.variance More…
60. variances
(variances : Varians adalah perbedaan antara sesuatu proyeksi dan aktual.)