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41. quarter
(quarter : Three-month intervals of the year.; quarter : a period of three months. A business should submit a Business Activity Statement every quarter, for example.)
42. quarterly report
(quarterly report : Lihat Interim Statement)
43. quarterly reports
(quarterly reports : Another term for INTERIM FINANCIAL STATEMENTS.)
44. quasi-reorganization
(quasi-reorganization : Type of reorganization in which, with shareholder approval, the management revalues ASSETS and eliminates the DEFICIT (increased by asset devaluations if any) by More…
45. questionnaires
(questionnaires : Written form requesting the employer for information in a discrimination case.)
46. questions
(questions : At the end of most interviews, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions. Always say yes! Asking questions shows the interviewer that you've done your homework More…
47. quick asset
(quick asset : aktiva cepat)
48. quick assets
(quick assets : Assets that are quickly convertible into cash.; quick assets : Assets that are or are expected to be converted into CASH in the near term: cash, accounts receivable, More…
49. quick deposit
(quick deposit : a service which allows you to simply drop your cheques off at a branch without having to wait to be served.)
50. quick liquidity ratio
(quick liquidity ratio : Quick assets divided by net liabilities plus ceded reinsurance balances payable. Quick assets are defined as the sum of cash, unaffiliated short-term investments, More…
51. quick ratio
(quick ratio : rasio aktiva tunai; quick ratio (rasio cepat) : Rasio ini menunjukkan kemampuan aktiva lancar yang paling likuid (dengan mengeluarkan pos persediaan dan uangmuka biaya dari More…
52. quick theory
(quick theory : teori antrian)
53. quit claim deed
(quit claim deed : A document by which title to real estate is conveyed from one party, the grantor, to another party, the grantee. The distinguishing characteristic of a quit claim deed is More…
54. quorum
(quorum (Kuorum) : Jumlah minimum hak suara pemegang saham yang harus hadir dalam RUPS untuk dapat mengambil suatu keputusan sesuai anggaran dasar perusahaan)
55. quota
(quota : Merupakan batasan maksimal ( jumlah atau nilai maksimal ))
56. quotation
(quotation (Catatan Harga Efek) : Harga permintaan tertinggi dan harga penawaran terendah dari suatu saham (sekuritas) atau komoditi; quotation : Sering disebut quote dan juga menunjukkan More…
57. quote
(quote : kependekan dari quotation, menunjukkan harga saat ini (real time price) untuk saham yang ditawarkan, kadang quote menunjukkan pula harga tertunda.; quote : Harga terakhir yang More…
58. quote currency
(quote currency : Mata uang kedua dari pasangan mata uang disebut sebagai Quote currency (mata uang kuotasi). Contoh EUR/USD, USD adalah quote currency.)
59. quoted company
(quoted company : perusahaan terdaftar; quoted company : Defined in section 262 of the Companies Act 1985 as a company that has been included in the official list in accordance with the More…
(quotes : Nilai dari sebuah kurs.)