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421. owner's investments
(owner's investments : increase in owner's equity (capital) resulting from additional investments of cash and/or other property made by the owner.)
422. owners
(owners : The proprietors, partners or corporate stockholders in a business.)
423. owners equity
(owners equity : modal pemilik)
424. owners risk
(owners risk : resiko pemilik)
425. owners' equity
(owners' equity : The amount of a company's equity financing, often referred to simply as "equity" or "stockholders' equity" in the case of a company More…
426. ownership
(ownership : hak milik)
427. ownership and encumbrance reports
(ownership and encumbrance reports : See title search.)
428. ownership interest
(ownership interest : The residual amount found by deducting all of the entity's liabilities from all of the entity's assets. (Also called equity interest.))
429. ownership right
(ownership right : hak pemilik perusahaan)
430. owner’s equity
(owner’s equity : The residual INTEREST in the assets of a business entity that remains after deducting the entity’s liabilities.)