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21. qualitative
(qualitative : Relating to quality, especially as distinguished from quantity or amount.)
22. qualitative analysis
(qualitative analysis : Analysis that evaluates important factors that cannot be precisely measured.)
23. quality
(quality : An operating environment in which a company’s product or service meets a customer’s specifications the first time it is produced or delivered.)
24. quality circles
(quality circles : Quality circles are small groups of employees who meet regularly with a common leader to identify and solve work-related problems.‍)
25. quality control
(quality control : pengendalian mutu; quality control (Audit Operasional) : Quality Control (Audit Operasional) merupakan metode yang dilakukan oleh franchisor untuk menjamin standar More…
26. quality control standards
(quality control standards : Standar-standar untuk menentukan kebijakan-kebijakan pengendalian mutu dan prosedur-prosedur yang memberikan kepastian yang wajar bahwa semua audit dari kantor More…
27. quality management
(quality management : A system to make sure that a product or service meets standards of excellence, and that the process by which the product or service is created is efficient and effective More…
28. quality of earnings
(quality of earnings : Opinion of investors on reliability of earnings (profit) as a basis for their forecasts. quality of earnings : The opinion of investors regarding profit. Quality is More…
29. quality of work life
(quality of work life : Quality of work life means having good supervision,‍ good working conditions, good pay and benefits, and an interesting, challenging, and rewarding job.‍‍)
30. quality of work life efforts
(quality of work life efforts : Quality of work life efforts are systematic attempts by an organization to give workers a greater opportunity to affect ‍their jobs : and : their : More…
31. quality review
(quality review : Penyajian prosedur-prosedur pengendalian mutu suatu kantor akuntan oleh kantor akuntan lain.)
32. quality spread
(quality spread : The difference between the yields of Treasury securities and non-Treasury securities, as a result of different ratings or quality, is termed as quality spread.quality spread More…
33. quantified self
(quantified self : A movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs (e.g. food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states More…
34. quantitative analysis
(quantitative analysis (Analisa Kuantitatif) : Konsep trading dari Quantitative Analysis adalah perilaku harga dengan menerapkan sistem matematika dan statistik yang kompleks, seraya More…
35. quantitative easing
(quantitative easing (QE) : Adalah salah satu program yang dilakukan oleh Bank Sentral pada saat tidak berjalannya transmisi kebijakan moneter melalui suku bunga , yaitu membeli instrumen More…
36. quantity
(quantity : An amount or number.)
37. quantity discount
(quantity discount : diskon kualitas)
38. quantity exchange
(quantity exchange (kuantitas pertukaran) : jumlah komoditi yang dibeli rumahtangga sama dengan jumlah komoditi yang dijual oleh produsen pada periode waktu tertentu.)
39. quantity variance
(quantity variance : selisih kuantitas)
40. quantum
(quantum : The amount of compensation that the tribunal will award the claimant if they win their case. quantum : What the claim is worth. It is a Latin word meaning “how much”.)