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21. labor agreement
(labor agreement : A labor agreement, which is also called a labor contract, is‍ a legal document that is negotiated between the union and the employer. ‍It states the terms and conditions of More…
22. labor budget
(labor budget : anggaran tenaga kerja)
23. labor certification
(labor certification : Labor certification is a statement from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) that a particular position at a particular company is “open.” It is the first step in the More…
24. labor cost
(labor cost : biaya tenaga kerja)
25. labor cost control
(labor cost control : pengendalian biaya tenaga kerja)
26. labor cost report
(labor cost report : laporan biaya tenaga kerja)
27. labor efficiency ratio
(labor efficiency ratio : rasio effisiensi tenaga kerja)
28. labor efficiency standard
(labor efficiency standard : standar effisiensi tenaga kerja)
29. labor efficiency variance
(labor efficiency variance : selisih effisiensi tenaga kerja; labor efficiency variance : The difference between the amount of labor time that was used in production when compared to the More…
30. labor force participation rate
(labor force participation rate : The ratio between the labor force (all those currently employed or seeking work) and the nation’s total working-age population.)
31. labor fringe benefit
(labor fringe benefit : pendapatan yang diterima tenaga kerja)
32. labor law posting
(labor law posting : Federal and state regulations requiring employers to post in conspicuous places a variety of labor law posters with information regarding employee rights)
33. labor management relations act of 1947
(labor management relations act of 1947 (LMRA) : The LMRA, also know ‍as the Taft-Hartley Act, amended the National Labor Relations Act of‍1935 by designing specific union actions that were More…
34. labor market
(labor market : A geographical region (local, national or international) in which labor transactions occur—employers find workers and workers find work.labor market : The labor market is the More…
35. labor market analysis
(labor market analysis : Labor market analysis is the study of the employee‘s‍ labor market to evaluate the present or future availability of workers.‍)
36. labor performance report
(labor performance report : laporan pelaksanaan kerja)
37. labor rate variance
(labor rate variance : penyimpangan tarif tenaga kerja; labor rate variance : Actual rate used to pay laborers compared to standard (or budgeted) rate to pay laborers. These variances often More…
38. labor relations
(labor relations : The relationship between the public, public employees, and employer governing bodies. It is public policy of this state to promote orderly and constructive relationships More…
39. labor variance
(labor variance : The difference between the amount of budgeted or standard labor costs relative to the actual cost. This can be broken down into Labor Rate Variance and Labor Efficiency More…
40. labor-management reporting and disclosure act of 1959
(labor-management reporting and disclosure act of 1959 (LMRDA) : The ‍LMRDA, also called the Landrum-Griffin Act, amended the National Labor Relations Act. It created the union members‘ More…