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21. absence
(absence : The time during which an employee is away from their job and not performing work related duties.)
22. absenteeism
(absenteeism : The rate of occurrence of unscheduled employee absences from the workplace. Absenteeism can also happen for legitimate reasons-personal illness or family issues or be caused by More…
23. absenteeism policy
(absenteeism policy : A policy about attendance requirements, scheduled and unscheduled time off, and measures for dealing with workplace absenteeism. Repeated absenteeism can lead to More…
24. absentees
(absentees : Absentees are employees who are scheduled to be at work but are ‍not present.‍)
25. absolute change
(absolute change : Absolute change adalah perubahan numerik nilai komoditas, biaya dll.; absolute change : Absolute change is the numeric change in the value of a commodity, expense etc.) More…
26. absolute periority
(absolute periority : prioritas mutlak)
27. absolute priority rule
(absolute priority rule (Peraturan Prioritas Mutlak) : Peraturan tentang prioritas mutlak, bahwa si pemebri pinjaman harus didahulukan daripada yang lain atas segala tagihan hak milik. More…
28. absolute ratings
(absolute ratings : A rating method for employee performance. In absolute rating, the rater assigns a specific value on a fixed scale to the work behaviour or job performance of an individual More…
29. absolute value
(absolute value : nilai mutlak)
30. absorb/absorption
(absorb/absorption : Absorb berarti bahwa satu akun atau sekelompok account menggabungkan jumlah dari account yang hampir sama atau terkait atau Rombongan account. Dengan demikian, account More…
31. absorbed costs
(absorbed costs : Absorbed Costs adalah kombinasi dari biaya variabel dan tetap.; absorbed costs : Absorbed Costs are a combination of both variable and fixed costs.)
32. absorption
(absorption : penetapan biaya absorpasi; absorption : A term used by real estate lenders and developers to describe the process of renting up newly built or renovated office space or More…
33. absorption costing
(absorption costing : biaya serapan; absorption costing : An approach to product costing that assigns a representative portion of all types of manufacturing costs--direct materials, direct More…
34. absorption pricing
(absorption pricing : Absorption pricing adalah pengaturan harga yang jumlah biaya diserap ditambah persentase ditandai-up keuntungan.; absorption pricing : Absorption pricing is setting a More…
35. absorption time
(absorption time : The term 'absorption time' is used to define the time period that is required to complete the process of absorption.)
36. absorption variance
(absorption variance : Absorption variance adalah perbedaan antara biaya penyerapan diprediksikan dan yang sebenarnya.; absorption variance : Absorption variance is the difference between the More…
37. abstract of title
(abstract of title : A written report summarizing the history of title transactions and conditions of title that affect a given piece of land covering the period from the present back to a More…
38. AC
(AC : biaya rata-rata; AC = Avarage Cost : Pencatatan yang berdasarkan rata-rata)
39. ACAS
(ACAS : Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service; which offers a conciliation service for employment disputes. ACAS : In 1975 the Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) More…
40. accelerated cost recovery system
(accelerated cost recovery system : sistem pemulihan biaya dipercepat)