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1. P & I
(P & I : Principal and interest as in the principal and interest required for periodic loan repayments.)
2. P & L
(P & L : P & L adalah singkatan dari profit and loss statement. Ini memberikan rincian mengenai pendapatan dan pengeluaran bisnis selama periode akuntansi.)
3. p of credit
(p of credit (5 P of Credit) : Adalah kriteria untuk penilaian permohonan kredit, yang terdiri dari penilaian atas aspek-aspek sebagai berikut: : 1. People (orang atau perusahaan atau More…
4. P.A
(P.A. (Per Annum) : for the year. For example, if the interest rate on a term deposit is 6% p.a., the depositor will be paid 6% in interest on the outstanding balance each year.)
5. P.A.Y.E
(P.A.Y.E : An abbreviation for “pay as you earn.” P.A.Y.E is an income tax system where employee taxes and National Insurance contributions are deducted prior to payment.)
6. P.E.
(P.E. : Persetujuan Export. Lembar Persetujuan Export ini bisa diperoleh dan di print sendiri oleh pihak Shipper / EMKL yang memiliki system online (E.D.I = Electronic Data Interchange) More…
7. P.E.B
(P.E.B : Pemberitahuan Export Barang. Pengisian form Pemberitahuan Export Barang di ajukan dengan system online melalui system EDI. Jika pemeriksaan PEB di setujui, maka akan keluar P.E. More…
8. P.I.L.O.N.
(P.I.L.O.N. : PILON stands for Pay In Lieu of Notice.Instead of placing an employee on gardening leave or making them work their notice, an employer can end the contract of employment earlier More…
9. P.O.D
(P.O.D : adalah Port of Discharge yaitu Pelabuhan Bongkar |P.O.D : Port Of Discharge = Pelabuhan Bongkar)
10. P.O.L
(P.O.L : adalah Port Of Loading yaitu Pelabuhan Muat)
11. P/E
(P/E (Price to Earnings Ratio) : indicates the number of times the price covers the earnings per share over a twelve month period.)
12. P/E ratio
(P/E ratio : A ratio that is used as a way of measuring investor confidence in a COMPANY and comparing stocks for profitability. It is found by dividing MARKET PRICE per share by EARNINGS PER More…
13. P11D
(P11D : A form that lets HMRC know about certain benefits you’ve received from your employer, apart from your salary.)
14. P45
(P45 : When you leave your job your employer gives you a P45 form. It is a certificate stating your pay, tax, USC and PRSI contributions deducted from the start of the tax year to the last More…
15. P60
(P60 : At the end of each tax year your employer gives you a P60 form. It is a certificate stating your pay, tax, USC and PRSI contributions deducted during the year.; P60 : A form that shows More…
16. PA
(PA : PA adalah singkatan dari per annum.)
17. PAC tranche
(PAC tranche : Planned amortization class tranche. A REMIC security created to receive selected cash flows from a pool of underlying mortgages securing the REMIC. PAC tranches use a structure More…
18. PAC Z tranche or PAC Z bond
(PAC Z tranche or PAC Z bond : A CMO Z bond with some call and extension protection provided by collars. Like other Z bonds, a PAC Z bond earns interest that is accrued but not paid in cash More…
19. packaging
(packaging : Pembungkusan)
20. packet switch network
(packet switch network : Adalah istilah komputer untuk suatu jaringan komunikasi digital yang pesan-pesan nya dibagi kedalam sejumlah blok transmisi data yang ditetapkan sesuai dengan More…