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1. unlikely loss
(unlikely loss : Claims of the company that are unlikely to result in any future obligation do not need to be recorded or disclosed anywhere in the financial statements. See also Probable More…
2. unlimited
(unlimited (employment condition) : An employee whose appointment has no definite end date or specified maximum duration.)
3. unlimited guaranty
(unlimited guaranty : A guarantee understanding which doesn't consist of any provisos limiting the amount of debt guaranteed.unlimited guaranty : A guaranty agreement that does not More…
4. unlimited liabilities
(unlimited liabilities : kewajiban tak terbatas)
5. unlimited liability
(unlimited liability : tanggung jawab tidak terbatas; unlimited liability : The responsibility of all the partners in a COMPANY for its DEBT.)
6. unliquidated
(unliquidated : Unliquidated adalah membahas aset yang belum dikonversi ke uang tunai.)
7. unlisted
(unlisted (company) : Limited liability company whose shares are not listed on any stock exchange.)
8. unlisted company
(unlisted company : A limited liability company that is not listed on a stock exchange.)
9. unlisted securities
(unlisted securities : sekuritas tidak terdaftar)
10. unloading
(unloading : Penjualan efek yang dilakukan pada saat harga sedang turun dengan tujuan untuk menghindari kerugian lebih banyak)