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1. uniform accountancy act
(uniform accountancy act (UAA) : The proposal for a new regulatory framework for the public accounting profession which was developed jointly by the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC More…
2. uniform capitalization rules
(uniform capitalization rules : These are a set of rules intended to be a single comprehensive set of rules to govern the capitalization, or inclusion in INVENTORY of direct and indirect cost More…
3. uniform classification
(uniform classification : Adalah suatu pendekatan yang digunakan dalam menetapkan klasifikasi debitur, dimana suatu debitur harus dilaporkan dengan kualitas yang sama pada semua bank. More…
4. uniform commercial code
(uniform commercial code (UCC) : A compilation of laws relating to commercial contracts involving personal property. The code does not address real property. In addition, a few types of More…
5. uniform gift to minors account
(uniform gift to minors account : A UGMA provides a child under the age of 18 (a minor) with a way to own investments. The money is in the minor's name, but the custodian (usually the More…
6. Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
(Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) : Appraisal requirements published by the Appraisal Foundation. Prior to 1994, USPAP rules were included as an appendix to the More…
7. uniformity
(uniformity : keseragaman)
8. unilateral quota
(unilateral quota : Quota yang besar/kecilnya ditentukan sendiri oleh suatu negara tanpa persetujuan dengan negara lain.)
9. uninsured motorist coverage
(uninsured motorist coverage : Endorsement to a personal automobile policy that covers an insured collision with a driver who does not have liability insurance.)
10. uninsured/underinsured motorist
(uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage : Pays for your injuries and property damage caused by a hit-and-run driver or a motorist without liability insurance. It will also pay when More…
11. uninvited (cold contact) cover letter
(uninvited (cold contact) cover letter : The most common type of cover letter, since such a large percentage (80-95 percent) of the job market is “closed,” meaning the job openings are not More…
12. union
(union : Workers who organize a united group, usually related to the kind of work they do, to collectively bargain for better work conditions, pay or benefit increases, etc.unions : Groups of More…
13. unissued capital stock
(unissued capital stock : modal saham yang belum beredar)
14. unissued stock
(unissued stock : Shares of a corporation’s stock authorized in its charter but not issued.)
15. unit
(unit : adalah alokasi dari sejumlah dana investasi yang dibayarkan, yang dihitung berdasarkan harga pada saat pembelian; unit : Any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement More…
16. unit cost
(unit cost : harga unit; unit cost : Harga perunit)
17. unit cost method
(unit cost method : metode biaya per unit)
18. unit equivalent
(unit equivalent : unit setara)
19. unit kerja khusus
(unit kerja khusus (UKK) : Istilah ini berkaitan dengan program APU (Anti Pencucian Uang) dan Pencegahan Pembiayaan Terorisme (PTT). Unit Kerja Khusus (UKK) adalah unit kerja yang. perlu More…
20. unit kerja penerapan prinsip mengenal nasabah
(unit kerja penerapan prinsip mengenal nasabah (UKPN) : Adalah unit kerja dalam organisasi bank umum yang bertugas untuk menerapkan prinsip mengenal nasabah (know your customer principles) More…