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1. unfair dismissal
(unfair dismissal : An Unfair Dismissal occurs when an employer dismisses an employee for an unfair reason and/or the employer does not follow the correct procedure for the dismissal. unfair More…
2. unfair labor practice
(unfair labor practice (ULP) : An action carried out by an employer or union that violates the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute, part of the National Labor Relations Act More…
3. unfavorable variance
(unfavorable variance : selisih merugikan; unfavorable variance : Varians tidak menguntungkan adalah ketika sebenarnya biaya yang dikeluarkan lebih besar dari biaya standar.)
4. unfulfilled balance
(unfulfilled balance : sisa yang belum dipenuhi)
5. unfunded pension losses
(unfunded pension losses : A contra equity account created under FAS 87 rules for cases in which the amount of the additional minimum pension liability exceeds the sum of unamortized prior More…