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1. unearned discount
(unearned discount : ACCOUNT on the books of a lending institution recognizing INTEREST deducted in advance and which will be taken into INCOME as earned over the life of the LOAN.)
2. unearned income
(unearned income : sewa diterima dimuka; unearned income : Payments received for services which have not yet been performed.)
3. unearned interest
(unearned interest : bunga yang diterima di muka; unearned interest : INTEREST that has already been collected on a LOAN by a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION, but that cannot yet be counted as part of More…
4. unearned premium
(unearned premium : The insured´s remaining premium equity in his policy; that part of the policy premium that has not been “used up.” unearned premiums : That part of the premium applicable More…
5. unearned rent
(unearned rent : sewa diterima dimuka; unearned rent : Sewa tanpa kerja adalah sewa menerima terlebih dahulu sebelum itu benar-benar diperoleh.)
6. unearned revenue
(unearned revenue : pendapatan diterima dimuka; unearned revenue : a liability created when customers pay in advance for products or services that have not been delivered or rendered. More…
7. unemployment
(unemployment : Masalah makro ekonomi yang memengaruhi manusia secara langsung dan merupakan penurunan standar kehidupan dan tekanan psikologis.)
8. unemployment benefits
(unemployment benefits : You can apply for unemployment benefits when you have lost your job through no fault of your own (if you were fired, you’re probably not eligible for unemployment.) More…
9. unemployment rate
(unemployment rate (Tingkat Pengangguran) : Tingkat presentase tenaga kerja produktif yang tidak mendapatkan pekerjaan. unemploymnet rate : Persentase jumlah usia produktif suatu negara yang More…
10. unemployment tax
(unemployment tax : pajak pengurangan)
11. unencumbered
(unencumbered : a property free of liabilities, encumbrances or restrictions.)
12. unequal cash flows
(unequal cash flows : Cash flow from an ASSET that may vary from one year to the next.)
13. unexpected loss or unexpected risk
(unexpected loss or unexpected risk : The element or part of risk or loss which surpasses the anticipated amount.unexpected loss or unexpected risk : The portion or component of risk or loss More…
14. unexpired
(unexpired : belum daluwarsa)