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1. uncertainties
(uncertainties : ketidak pastian)
2. uncertificated
(uncertificated : Legal term used (especially in UCC Article 8) as an adjective to describe stocks, bonds, other investments, and certificates of deposit held in nonmaterial form as More…
3. unclassified service
(unclassified service : Defined by Minnesota Statute 43A.08 and refers to any position NOT included in Classified Service, such as Administrators, Faculty, and MSUAASF positions.)
4. unclean B/L
(unclean B/L : Adalah B/L yang mencantumkan catatan dalam B/L bahwa barang yang dibawanya dalam keadaan rusak/cacat.(9).(Sumber: Praktik Perbankan).)
5. uncollected funds
(uncollected funds : A portion of a deposit balance that has not yet been collected by the depository bank.uncollected funds : Items deposited in an account that have not yet been collected More…
6. uncollectible account
(uncollectible account : beban penghapusan piutang)
7. uncollectible account receivable
(uncollectible account receivable : piutang tak tertagih)
8. uncollectible accounts expense
(uncollectible accounts expense : Uncollectible rekening pengeluaran adalah pengeluaran yang dikeluarkan dalam berusaha mewujudkan pembayaran dari debitur, tapi debitur membuat pembayaran.) More…
9. uncollectible accounts receivable
(uncollectible accounts receivable : Amounts due from customers from credit sales which will not be collected, usually as a result of a customer's insolvency. Uncollectible accounts More…
10. unconfirmed irrevocable L/C
(unconfirmed irrevocable L/C : Adalah L/C yang pembayarannya hanya dijamin oleh issuing bank saja dan sifatnya irrevocable.(9).(Sumber: Praktik Perbankan).)
11. unconscionable conduct
(unconscionable conduct : behaviour considered to be unreasonably excessive, unfair or unjust.)
12. uncontrollable expense
(uncontrollable expense : Biaya tak terkendali adalah bahwa biaya yang dikeluarkan dalam kursus biasa bisnis yang tidak dapat dikontrol.)
13. uncovered
(uncovered : It is the condition of an option bearer who doesn't even possess an offsetting position in the underlying instrument.uncovered : See naked.)