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1. trucking
(trucking : Perusahaan pengangkut truk/ armada)
2. true & fair view
(true & fair view : This is a legal requirement for UK companies not using the ISAB system when preparing their financial records.)
3. true and fair view
(true and fair view : Requirement of UK company law for UK companies not using IASB system.)
4. true cash
(true cash : kas sesungguhnya)
5. true consignment
(true consignment : A transaction in which a person delivers goods to a merchant for the purpose of sale, and the merchant deals in goods of that type under a name other than that of the More…
6. true lease
(true lease : A legal term for a transaction that is intended by the parties to be an actual lease of personal property rather than a conditional sale.)
7. true yield
(true yield : A seldom-used term meaning the simple interest yield for an investment maturing in one year or less. In calculating true yield, the actual number of days in the year (365) is More…
8. trust
(trust : Ancient legal practice where one person (the grantor) transfers the legal title to an asset, called the principle or corpus, to another person (the trustee), with specific More…
9. trust account
(trust account : A general term that covers all types of accounts in a trust department, such as estates, guardianships, and agencies. See also General Trust account : an More…
10. trust administrator
(trust administrator : A person or institution that manages trust accounts. See also General Trust Accounts.)
11. trust deed
(trust deed : A legal document, typically executed in conjunction with a mortgage loan authorizing a third-party trustee to sell designated real estate if there is a default under the terms More…
12. trust fund
(trust fund : dana perwakilan)
13. trust indenture
(trust indenture : kontrak pinjam)
14. trust receipt
(trust receipt : tanda terima perwalian; trust receipt : Pengertian dasar dari Trust Receipt adalah; perjanjian antara bank dan Applicant (importir) dimana bank menyerahkan pemilikan More…
15. trustee
(trustee (Wali Amanat) : 1. Lembaga yang ditunjuk oleh emiten yang diberi kepercayaan untuk mewakili kepentingan para pemegang obligasi; trustee (wali amanat) : Lembaga yang ditunjuk oleh More…
16. truth in lending act
(truth in lending act (TILA) : The Truth in Lending Act is a Federal law that requires lenders to provide standardized information so that borrowers can compare loan terms. In general, More…
17. Truth-in-Lending Act
(Truth-in-Lending Act : A Federal statute that governs a number of practices related to bank loans - especially, but not only, consumer loans. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors has More…