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1. trial balance
(trial balance : neraca saldo; trial balance : A comparison of the total of DEBIT and CREDIT balances in the LEDGER to check that they are equal. trial balance : A listing of all general More…
2. trial period
(trial period : A period of 4 weeks whereby a member of staff appointed to a new post following organisational change/restructuring can assess and be assessed for suitability to the new More…
3. triparty repurchase
(triparty repurchase (repo) surat berharga negara (SBN) : Triparty repo SBN adalah kegiatan pengelolaan likuiditas oleh Bank Indonesia melalui transaksi reverse repo dengan underlying asset More…
4. triple bottom line
(triple bottom line : Pengakuan atas kesetaraan tiga tujuan yang hendak dicapai perusahaan, yaitu ekonomi (finansial) dengan sosial dan lingkungan.)
5. triple net
(triple net : An expression used to describe real estate leases that require utilities, insurance, and taxes to be paid by tenants.)
6. triple tax exempt
(triple tax exempt : A phrase used to refer to municipal securities that are exempt from federal, state, and local income taxes.)