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1. thank you cards
(thank you cards : After each and every interview you have, you should send the interviewers thank you cards. It's not just polite; it's a great way to stand out in the crowd. More…
2. thank you letters
(thank you letters : After every interview, you should send a letter thanking each person who interviewed you. It's just common courtesy, and only a small percentage of job-seekers More…
3. thank you notes
(thank you notes : You send a thank you note or email to a hiring manager after an interview. This will help you stick out in their mind and differentiate you from the slackers who More…
4. THC
(THC (Terminal Handling Charge) : Biaya penanganan di terminal)
5. the employee polygraph protection act
(the employee polygraph protection act : The act prohibits the use of polygraphs in private industry by forbidding any employer engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce More…
6. the fuller risk factor approach
(the fuller risk factor approach : Istilah ini berkaitan dengan proposal Bank for International Settlement tentang Base lIII, adalah pendekatan penilaian risiko melalui pemetaan instrument More…
7. the institutes
(the institutes : An organization which develops programs and conducts national examinations in general insurance, risk management, management, adjusting, underwriting, auditing and loss More…
8. the list of pilot enterprises
(the list of pilot enterprises : Istilah ini berkaitan dengan transaksi perdagangan Indonesia dengan China dengan menggunakan mata uang masing-masing negara dengan difasilitasi Bank Indonesia More…
9. the old & new balance proof
(the old & new balance proof : pengecekan saldo awal & akhir)
10. the partial risk factor approach
(the partial risk factor approach : Istilah ini berkaitan dengan proposal Bank for International Settlement tentang Base lIII, adalah salah satu metode pendekatan penghitungan modal (capital More…
11. theoritical capacity
(theoritical capacity : kapasitas secara teoritis)
12. theoritical standard
(theoritical standard : standard secara teoritis)
13. theory x & theory y
(theory x & theory y : Two conflicting assumptions which are behind thinking on human nature and human behaviour as related to the employee and the workplace.)
14. theta
(theta : The Greek letter used in the financial industry to represent the amount by which the price of an option changes for each one-day decrease in the time remaining until its expiration.) More…
15. thin market
(thin market (Pasar Sepi) : Situasi pasar dimana hanya sedikit amanat jual amanat beli yang terjadi)
16. third party administrator
(third party administrator (TPA) : Suatu lembaga yang ditunjuk oleh Penanggung untuk mengelola proses klaim atas suatu perawatan Tertanggung di rumah sakit.; third party administrator (TPA) : More…
17. third party funds
(third party funds : Liabilities of a bank towards residents and non-residents in rupiah and foreign currencies covering checking accounts, savings and time deposits.)
18. third party loss
(third party loss : A situation involving a person other than the insurer and insured; i.e., a person making a liability claim against the insured.)
19. third party sharing agreement
(third party sharing agreement : Para penanggung yang menjadi anggota agreement ini sepakat bahwa apabila 2 pengendara mobil terlibat dalam suatu kecelakaan, dan kecelakaan itu menyebabkan More…
20. third-party administrator
(third-party administrator (TPA) : An organization that is responsible for the administration of insurance for a self-insured group. It does not have any responsibility for paying claims. The More…